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ENEA - Fusion division

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Fusion in Italy

Italy is strongly involved in the physics and technology of fusion research, not only in Europe but also internationally. The activities are carried out by the ENEA-EURATOM Association (see in the logo) which, in addition to EURATOM and ENEA-Fusion Dept., includes

map of fusion research in Italy           Nuclear Fusion in Italy


The activities are carried out in collaboration with a large number of Italian and foreign universities, research institutes and laboratories and concern:

FTU Control room   spot on "FTU control room" during experiments

Italy is also strongly involved in the ITER design and R&D.

Numerous Italian industries are working in parallel with the research institutes to produce the components and facilities and to develop the technologies required for the construction of the fusion reactor.

The activities carried out in Italy fit perfectly in the European scenario. Indeed, Italy can boast substantial contributions to the overall efforts in physics and technologies, in terms of both quality and quantity.