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ENEA - Fusion division

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Safety and Environment

Contact: Tonio PINNA
e-mail: pinna@frascati.enea.it
tel.    : 0039 06 9400 5820
fax.   : 0039 06 9400 5314

The international and European fusion energy programs are focalized to demonstrate the economic viability of fusion energy production exploiting the inherent safety and environmental features of fusion machines.

The ENEA has been involved in many European and international fusion energy safety and environmental assessments. A Group of people of the Fusion Technology Section was established in the early 1990s to participate in the European safety and environmental assessments of fusion power. Their activities are in the following fields:

The expertise of the ENEA Fusion Safety Group (FPN-FUSTEC - Safety & Environment) is documented in the following web site: