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ENEA - Fusion division

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Fusion Technologies

Responsible: Aldo Pizzuto
e-mail: pizzuto@frascati.enea.it
tel.: +39 06 9400 5664
fax.: +39 06 9400 5147

The technological research and development activities carried out to validate the International Thermonuclear Reactor (ITER) and demonstrate reactor feasibility cover a wide range of multidisciplinary areas. The work requires considerable extrapolation with respect to the state of the art as well as a lot of systematic integration.
The most important and strategic areas are:

The fusion technologies developed at the Frascati laboratory and in collaboration with other ENEA laboratories cover all the areas mentioned above. Since the mid-1980s ENEA has provided significant contributions to the European Fusion Programme and has successfully promoted the involvement and collaboration of Italian industries.

Labs and Plants

To carry out above activities, ENEA Frascati center hosts extremely advanced instrumentations and plant equipment:

ENEA "know-how" in the specific technologies for thermonuclear fusion, is exploited in various industrial activities and applications . Advanced technological services are also provided to other national and international laboratories.