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ENEA - Fusion division

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Technical Support and Administration Services

Contact: Aldo Pizzuto
e-mail: aldo.pizzuto@enea.it
tel.: +39 06 9400 5664
fax.: +39 06 9400 5640

Secretary: Laura Giovagnoli
-Extracted from Commissioner's Communication N.10 of December 18, 2009-

The Role

Ensures the implementation of the activities assigned to the Technical Unit by taking care of the whole lifecycle and providing the necessary technical and administrative support in accordance with the relevant regulations and the delegation system.

Provides technical and administrative management of the Contract of Association Euratom-ENEA by handling the financial annual reporting, including that of their partners.

Ensures the accounting of contracts for Fusion Energy and ITER IO and the related commercial activities.

Main tasks and functions

The Service is made up of 21 people (update March 1st, 2012).

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