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Task Force STAFF for realization of JT-60SA

[updated Apr. 2012]


telefono=+39 06 9400 + tel. interno
nome interno unit/lab note
Antonio Cucchiaro 5631 UTFUS Task Force responsible
Paolo Rossi 5338 UTFUS-TECS Mechanical Engineering
Alberto Massimi 5269 UTFUS-TECS Industrial Activities monitoring
Luigi Reccia 5395 UTFUS-COND Mechanical Engineering
Gianmario Polli 5816 UTFUS-COND Mechanical Engineering
Valentina Corato 5392 UTFUS-COND Cold Test responsible
Valter Cocilovo 5164 UTFUS-TECS Q.A. Management
Giuseppe Ramogida 5845 UTFUS-TECS Electromagnetical Computing
Camillo Rita 5795 UTFUS-TECS Electromagnetical Computing
Giorgio Brolatti 5520 UTFUS-TECS CAD responsible
Luigi Di Pace 5321 UTFUS Quality Assurance System responsible
Pietro Costa 5540 UTFUS-ING Electrical Engineering
Alessandro Lampasi 5681 UTFUS-ING Electrical Engineering
Fabio Starace 5276 UTFUS-ING Electrical Layout and assemblys
Giovanni Coccoluto 5186 UTFUS Coordination AdP ENEA/MSE responsible
Grazia Ginoulhiac 5456 UTFUS-STG Management Assistant and technical archive
Carla Cristofani 5519 UTFUS-TECS Administrative reference