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Remote Handling Laboratories: IVROS

IVROS manipulatorFig. 1 IVROS Manipulator

IVROS is a robotic manipulator which will enter the vacuum vessel of the Frascati Tokamak Upgrade (FTU) for maintenance operations on the toroidal limiters, including removal and re-assembling. Figure 1 shows the end-effector joint, which will grip the limiter. On board instrumentation includes incremental encoders, potentiometers, inclinometers, optical fibers, and CC motors. This instrumentation is connected to hardware boards (adc boards, motion control boards, image acquisition board), a PC, and a power unit.
Control system and user interface have been developed by means of labview 5.1 and ocx (ole control activex), respectively.


IVROS User InterfaceFig. 2 User Interface

Dedicated tools and displays allow the operator: to get sensors information, measures in engineer units, cinematic data, to move the manipulator by joint variables or room available, to control its path, speed and interactions with the vacuum vessel, to visualize the 2D virtual robot (figure 2), to position the end effector by means of the mouse or the joystick, to use teach & repeat functions, thus interacting comprehensively with the robot.
Moreover, a vision system has been developed to obtain an automatic docking and release of the limiter.


The operation procedure follows:

IVROS Virtual Vision in AutoCAD 2000Fig. 3 Virtual Vision in AutoCAD 2000

Through a Local Area Network (LAN), the user is connected to an additional PC and the autocad 2000 interface. On this PC a vba updates in real time the 3D model of the manipulator and the vacuum vessel (figure 3, simulation procedure); the operator interacts with the autocad 3d model (virtual movement), checking interference with the vacuum vessel as well as the movement parameters, the relevant data are stored in a file and transferred into the control machine through the LAN and the ocx; the manipulator moves according to data.




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