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Remote Handling Laboratories

Contact: Luigi Semeraro
e-mail: luigi.semeraro@enea.it
tel.    : 0039 06 9400 5175
fax.   : 0039 06 9400 5147

Remote handling activities started up at Frascati because of the need to inspect the inside of the FTU experimental reactor and check on the real state of the vacuum vessel and also to carry out modifications or repairs when required. To facilitate these operations robotic arms have been developed and built:

The robotic arms were developed, built and tested at the Frascati laboratories, with the use of a mockup of FTU to simulate the different operative conditions.

Main Remote Handling laboratoryMain laboratory equipped with
overhead-travelling crane, wi-fi network
and numerous auxiliaries
1:1 scale model of FTU1:1 scale model of FTU
complete with
toroidal limiter

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