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X-Ray Diffractometry Laboratory

Contact: Antonella Mancini
e-mail: antonella.mancini@frascati.enea.it
tel.: +39 06 9400 5613
fax.: +39 06 9400 5393

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is one of the most powerful non destructive methods to explore the fine structure of matter. This technique was applied to various studies such as: analysis of chemical phase in crystalline materials, measurements of the size and of the internal stress in crystalline domain, and determination of orientation distribution via texture analyses for polycrystalline aggregate or thin film.

The diffraction techniques exploit the scattering of radiation from structures that have long range order. X-ray are electromagnetic radiation of wavelength of about 0.5-2.5*10-8 cm. These wavelengths are smaller than the typical spacing of atoms in crystalline materials, and can generate a strong and easily measurable diffraction effect from the planes of atoms. The diffraction of X-ray from crystals can take place only at those particular angles of incidence which satisfy the Bragg law: nλ = 2d sinθ where λ is the wavelength of the radiation, d is the spacing between the scattering sites (e.g. planes of atoms in the crystal), θ is the angle formed by the incident beam and the crystal planes and n is an integer (the order of scattering).

The X-ray diffraction laboratory of the Superconductivity section is equipped with two diffractometers:

Rigaku Geigerflex diffractometerRigaku Geigerflex diffractometer



a Rigaku Geigerflex for dust diffraction in Bragg-Brentano configuration allows to perform on the samples measures either in θ-2θ or in ω;


Seifert XRD3003 PTS diffractometerSeifert XRD3003 PTS diffractometer





a second diffractometer, Seifert XRD3003 PTS, with a four-circle goniometer tool, is used for texture analysis and for stress measurements