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Software for 3D images

ITER IVVS Software Control & Visualization

The objective of the IVVS Software Visualisation System (ISVS) is to create an innovative integrated software system to allow acquisition and visualisation of 3D data produced by the IVVS system using multiprocessing techniques. This allows to reduce to few minutes the elaboration time ( after this elaboration, the visualization of different images can be performed instantaneously) and to allows further rendering optimization procedures.

Main Features

Control of the acquisition and
scanning parameters.


Transform the raw data in a
more suitable intermediate


Perform 2D/3D visualisation
with the related handling tools
and specifically designed 3D
image filters.


Perform comparison between
the IVVS 2D/3D data and pre-
existing survey data.


Perform Perform comparison
between the IVVS 3D data and
pre-existing CAD data.

Examples of 2D/3D visualizationExamples of 2D/3D visualization                             Examples of 2D/3D visualization
Photo of a test sample and comparison with The IVVS generated 3D image
software for 3D images software for 3D images
     Software 3D: parallel processing