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ENEA - Fusion division

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Electric and Electronic Engineering

Responsible: Alberto Coletti
e-mail: colettia@frascati.enea.it
tel.: +39 06 9400 5324
fax.: +39 06 9400 5734

Experimental plants for research on controlled thermonuclear fusion require the development - often to the limits of current technology - of dedicated systems to convert/control extremely high (of the order of 1000 MW) electric power, acquire/process real-time (t<< 1 ms) data and control plasma parameters and also the development of electronic apparatus for specific diagnostic units.
Over the years, the Electric&Electronic Engineering Section (FUS-ING) has realised systems and apparatus for Italian research facilities (FT, FTU) and for international collaborations (JET, ITER). These activities have generally been carried out in the framework of the European Programme on Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion Research and have therefore benefited from the relative European Community financial contributions.
The design/development methodology and instrumentation realised and implemented are well consolidated and are available as National Services.

Competence Design and Development activities

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