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FTU Electrical Power Supply Plant service

Contact: Roberto Coletti
e-mail: roberto.coletti@enea.it
tel.    : 0039 06 9400 5212
fax.   : 0039 06 9400 5524
Conceptual schematic showing: how magnetic coils of a "tokamak" are poweredConceptual coils of a typical tokamak

The FTU Electrical Power Supply includes all the sub-plants that supply the FTU toroidal and poloidal fields, i.e., the transformer, the vertical and the feedback for the vertical and horizontal plasma positions. To confine the plasma by means of the magnetic fields requires very high electric power for short times, which makes it practically impossible to use power directly from the ENEL network. So, for our purposes two generators, MFG1 and MFG3, are used.
The electrical energy generated is then converted from alternate to continuous current either by the thyristor conversion units AL-T, AL-F, AL-V, connected to MFG3 or by rectifier bridges connected to MFG1.

Details of sub-plants