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Vacuum sub-plant of FTU

The vacuum plant has to produce a high level of vacuum inside the FTU vessel to keep it as clean as possible in order to obtain a high-performance plasma.

The value of the vacuum inside the vessel at cryogenic temperature (-180C) is lower than 10-8 mbar, while at room temperature it is of the order of 10-6 mbar. With temperatures inside the chamber around 150C (during "baking" operation), the vacuum value reaches 10-4 mbar. Following a plasma shot, the value generally rises to 10-7÷10-6 mbar, whilst before a shot vacuum must go back to about 2*10-8.

The vacuum plant was built by 'Peiffer Vacuum' and consists of:

'PFEIFFER mod. DUO 060 A' rotary pumps are used for the pre-vacuum.
'PFEIFFER mod. TPU 2200' turbomolecular pumps are used for the high vacuum, with rotary boost pumps of the same type as those used for the pre-vacuum.

Mimic synoptic of FTU Vacuum sub-plant
as seen on a screen of the main control boardVacuum plant synoptic