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MFG1 - G2 generators roomMFG1 generator room


FTU motor flywheel generator 1 schematic
MFG1 electrical schematic

MFG1 sub-plant is a group of motor-flywheel-generator and a rectifier used to supply FTU toroidal coils.

The motor, with a power of 1200 kW at 1500 rpm, through a "rev. multiplier", drags the flywheel and the generator up to 6000 rpm.

The generator is bipolar with smooth rotor; stator winding is a two star three-phase electrically phase-shifted of 30°, indipendent and isolated between them.

Tle rectifier is a diodes two-bridges "Graetz type": one for each star, connected in parallel on the CC side.



Details of MFG1 sub-plant

  1. Alternator-Flywheel
  2. Starter System
  3. Static Excitation
  4. Rectifier