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Converters (AC-DC) roomConverters (AC-DC) room

AL-T bridge (4 thyristors in parallel)AL-T bridge (4 thyristors
in parallel)

FTU magnetic poloidal fields are powered by four dodecaphase bridges completely thyristors controlled also called Converters. Three of them are fed from MFG3 (AL-T , AL-V , AL-F) and one (AL-H) from the national electricity network.

Thyristors Converters convert alternate input voltage and current into direct voltage and current on the loads (which are FTU poloidal field magnetic coils) with profiles under control of regulation systems. One converter for each one type of FTU poloidal coils.

Details of CONVERTERS sub-plant

  1. AL-T feeds Transformer (plasma current)
  2. AL-V feeds Vertical field coil
  3. AL-H feeds Horizontal field coil (plasma vertical position control)
  4. AL-F feeds Feedback field coil (plasma horizontal position control)