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Converter for (main) Transformer: electrical schematic
Converter for (main) Transformer
: electrical schematic

A dodecaphase thyristor converter is supplied at 15 kV by MFG3 with sequence control on four quadrants (current inversion is possible) with the method of current circulation without dead times.

The Commutation circuit (grey rectangle in figure on the right) is connected below the power supply. The unit generates a voltage pulse that triggers the plasma current.

This converter supplies the T windings (Transformer) that have an inductance of 79 mH and a resistance (at 77 K) of 18.5 mΩ.



AL-T characteristics
15 kV
1.3 kV
PTransf. 92.2 MVA
VDCout ±5 kV
IDCout ±25 kA
AL-T transformers (outside converters building)MFG3 generator room