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Location and general information

The Nonlinear dynamics and structure formation in complex systems: challenges and open problems for modern physics Workshop will be held at ENEA Frascati Centre, Aula Bruno Brunelli, Via E. Fermi, 45, Frascati, Roma, Italy.


Transportation from/to the airports

  • From Leonardo da Vinci Airport, you can take the direct train from Fiumicino to Termini railway station which costs € 11,00. It runs every half an hour and takes approximately 30 minutes. Then proceed to Frascati. There is a train every hour and it costs 1,90 Euro. Tickets can be purchased at vending machines, ticket offices and other vendors both at Termini and Fiumicino.
  • You can also take a taxi (only licensed white cabs are recommended) to Frascati (30 km, ~ 80 Euro).
  • From Ciampino Airport you can take a bus (Schiaffini Travel or COTRAL) to reach Ciampino railway station and then take the train to Frascati (a train every hour).

How to get the Meeting site
Transportation from Frascati to the ENEA Centre and viceversa will be guaranteed to the participants by the Local Organising Committee according the following plan:

21.9.09 8.10 From Piazza Marconi, Frascati
(In front of the newspapers kiosk)
    To ENEA
  17.40 From ENEA
    To Piazza Marconi, Frascati
22.9.09 8.40 From Piazza Marconi, Frascati
(In front of the newspapers kiosk)
    To ENEA
  15.40 From ENEA
    To Piazza Marconi, Frascati


Visa Requirements
Please check here (well in advance of your journey) if you need a visa to enter Italy. If so, ask the Italian Consulate in your country if you need an invitation letter.
Here you will find a form to ask for the invitation letter. Please fill in the required information and send it as soon as possible.