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Scope of topical group meeting

A key focus of the meeting will be to review and to discuss the progress on High Priority Research issues in the areas of energetic particle physics that can impact ITER construction. These concern in particular fast particle driven instabilities, the NB fast ion losses induced by the ELM's and RMP coils, fast particle loss caused by field ripple and the TBM induced ripple and others.

Following the work plan approved at the last IEA/ITPA Workshop in December 2008, particular attention will be given the following topics.

  • Discussion of the assessment of the effect of ELM mitigation coil in ITER and RMP coil in DIII-D and AUG.
  • Prediction of fast ion losses by 3D effects. In particular, the discussion of modeling results of the DIII-D TBM mock-up coil experiments.
  • Kick-off of the benchmark exercise to evaluate the stability in the JET DT experiments.
  • Discussion of results of the modified benchmark exercise for the non-linear redistribution of fast ions by TAEs and EPMs.
  • Interaction of fast ions with background MHD.
  • Redistribution of fast ions by background turbulence.
  • Physics and modeling of runaway electron behavior.

In addition, the following topics will be discussed and appropriate actions taken:

  • Discussion on IEA/ITPA joint experiments;
  • Short presentations will be invited on any areas not covered by the above high priority discussions;
  • Discussion on the venue of the next meeting(s).