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Micrograph of 3-D compositeB. Brunelli room inside

The 3rd Meeting of ITPA Integrated Operation Scenarios (IOS) topical group will be held at :
“ENEA Frascati Research Centre”, aula "Bruno Brunelli", Via E. Fermi, 45 - Frascati (Roma) Italy. (see the map).


Detailed intructions, for transportation to/from Frascati and Rome airports, is contained in this "how to reach" page (by gentle courtesy of INFN laboratories exactly "opposite door"!).

As an alternative, we could send taxi at ENEA rate (~80 euros). As soon as flight schedules will be known we could help arranging for taxi sharing on demand (3-4 people depending on baggages).

How to get the Meeting site

Shuttle between Frascati Research Centre and hotels will be available.

Visa Requirements

Please check here (well in advance of your journey) if you need a visa to enter Italy. If so, ask the Italian Consulate in your country if you need an invitation letter.
Here you will find a form to ask for the invitation letter, please fill in the required information and send it as soon as possible.