Draft 16-01-2007

WBS 5.3 Neutral Beam System

Neutral Beam System General Assembly

Procurement Package 5.3-1
Neutral Beam Heating & Current Drive  General Assembly"

ITER Cost 2001 for Sharing: 3,8 kIUA

Sharing: EU=100%

Function, Scope of Supply:

The ITER NB H&CD System consists of two injectors that are used to heat the plasma and to drive the plasma current (hereinafter these two injectors are referred to as the Heating Neutral Beams, HNB);

The NB H&CD System will be assembled and tested within the a dedicate volume in the Tokamak Complex NB cell

The Supplier of the Procurement Package 53.1 has to provide the personnel and equipment for the general assembly on-site all the components of the NB H&CD System.

The Supplier will also procure and install all the coolant lines and the cable trays within the NB cell.


Description, Technologies :

The activities enclosed in this package include conventional and specialized on-site assembly activities under the control of the ITER Team.  

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