Use of THz time-domain spectroscopy for Plasma Diagnostics applications

The Terahertz band of the electromagnetic spectrum is defined as the range of frequency between microwaves and mid-infrared light, covering the region where electronic and optical technologies overlap. Recently, femtosecond laser pulses have been used to generate extremely broadband (100GHz to 30THz) single-cycle THz pulses. These pulses can be detected coherently with very high sensitivity, and may be used for Time-Domain Spectroscopy (TDS) experiments on a variety of systems.
The instrumentation used to perform THz TDS for frequency >100 GHz can be applied to Plasma Diagnostics by redesigning and arranging the system and the optics to channel the beam reflected (or transmitted) by the plasma into the detection section of the instrument. The wide frequency range, 200 GHz up to several THz, covers a very large range of plasma conditions in a Tokamak. In 2010 a Collaboration between ENEA Frascati and Oxford Terahertz Photonics Group has started on the subject.
This worskhop will offer the opportunity to discuss objective, potential and possibilities of this research project.
THz TDS Spectrometer in OxfordTHz TDS Spectrometer in Oxford
The THz TDS Spectrometer in Oxford

Workshop held at ENEA CR Frascati - Thursday 13 and Friday 14 October 2011 - Program:

Thursday 13/10, Seminar Room "B. Brunelli"
09:30 Introduction M. Zerbini  
09:40 Presentation M. Zerbini "Diagnostic applications and project status"
10:30 Coffee Break    
10:45 Seminar Prof. M. Johnston "Terahertz time domain spectroscopy:
Principles and applications
11:30 Presentation G. Rocchi "Technical aspects"
12:00 Lunch    
13:30 Presentation A. Doria "THz sources at ENEA-Frascati:
features of interest for plasma diagnostics
14:30 Discussion in Room F23 chairman O. Tudisco
15:30 Coffee Break   continuing discussion
16:30     1st day closing remarks
Friday 14/10, meeting room F23
09:00 Discussion chairman D. Pacella  
11:00 Workshop end   Workshop Report and Minutes
11:30 Taxi to FCO airport    

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