Remote Participation

The meeting can be attended remotely in video-conference.
Standard video-conference tools (efdatv & H323) adopted by Europen Fusion community and services offered by EFDA and DFN will be used.

Audio/Video Connection

All H.323 participants use this E.164 number on the DFN MCU:
MCU-EFDATV-06 004910097920066

For participants with ISDN VC systems and phones they should use the DFNVC - ISDN/IP gateway as follows to connect to the conference:
Dial with any phone or ISDN system one of the two german telephone numbers:
wait a second until you are asked to enter the conference ID. Then please skip the 0049100 and enter only the rest of the string, namely
97920066 followed by a # (hash symbol).

Slides Connection

Meeting presentations at EFDATV Channel 6 booked for 23rd and 24th (and 20th for testing) May 2011.
Participants should connect with:
browser or VNC client at address
in both cases:
Audience password: view
Presenter (upload) password: show