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Fusion Neutronics workshops

Documents of “International Workshops on Sub-Task Fusion Neutronics” under IEA Implementing Agreement on a Co-operative Programme on the Nuclear Technology of Fusion Reactors.
Workshops have been associated to international conferences, therefore related documents and are here archieved in "per year/conference folder"; user/password are needed to access them.


Fusion Neutronics international workshops archive
restricted access
  13th Sep. 2011
Portland (Oregon,USA)
(during ISFNT-10)
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27th Sep. 2010
Porto, Portugal
(during SOFT-2010)
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1st Oct. 2007
Heidelberg, Germany
(during ISFNT-8)
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16th Sep. 2008
Rostock, Germany
(during SOFT-2008)
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14th Oct. 2009
Dalian, China
(during ISFNT-9)
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