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Scope, Topics, Language

The aim of the conference is to provide a discussion forum covering all areas of fusion-oriented theoretical activities in Europe.

The following main topics will be included:

  1. Basic plasma theory
  2. Macro-instabilities and operational limits
  3. Alternative concepts: stellarators, RFPs, spherical tokamaks, laser induced ignition
  4. Turbulent transport and structures: experimental evidence and theoretical basis
  5. Neoclassical transport: theory and experimental evidence
  6. Burning plasmas and fast particles
  7. Heating, current drive, and wave particle interactions
  8. Edge and SOL/divertor physics
  9. Computational modeling in plasma physics

The conference will consist of  invited lectures, oral contributions, and posters.
The selection of the contributions is made on the basis of the submitted one page abstracts.

The official Conference language is English.