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Poster Preparation Instructions

Contributed posters must be prepared according to the following poster instructions.

  • Each author of a poster presentation will be provided with a board able to accommodate one A0 portrait sized poster. Boards are 1.00 m wide by 2.00 m high. Material to attach the posters to the boards will be provided.

  • Presenting authors are requested to put their posters on the board at the start of the day and to remove the poster after the end of the working day. This will enable delegates to see the poster throughout the whole of the day. Presenting authors should stay near their posters for discussions during the duration of the designated poster session.

  • The poster contribution will be identified by an ID code. The ID (Px.yyy) code means:
    P = poster;    x = 1(Monday session); x = 2(Wednesday session);    yyy = sequence number.

  • If you plan to print your poster on several sheets of paper, please try to join the sheets in vertical strips, in order to simplify and minimize the use of pins and/or tape on the board.

  • Style suggestions:

    1. Use large lettering for good readability at a distance of  1m (at least font size 24).
    2. Try to reduce the amount of text as much as possible.
    3. Clearly highlight main results and conclusions.
    4. Do not include complete derivations, only provide starting hypotheses and final results (if possible).
    5. Do not use an excessive amount of colour, and choose colours for maximum contrast (e.g. do not use yellow or light green letters on a white background, or brown letters on a black background).
    6. Use large graphics with thick lines and large markers (dots). Always check that the axis labels are clearly visible, legible and intelligible.
    7. Provide units of measurement for all quantitative items (including axis labels), and indicate error bars where possible.
    8. The official language of the Conference is English.
    9. The Conference organization does not take any responsibility for posters not removed after the scheduled dismantling time.